Sunday, 13 April 2014

Motorola Xoom Root on Linux

The following details how to Root your Motorola Xoom on Linux Mint or Ubuntu. First some useful definitions of ADB and Fastboot are given then the process is outlined. 


Android Debugging Bridge (ADB) is intended to be used by Android developers for debugging and testing applications. Its provided with the Android SDK (Software Development Kit). Its the communication method between the Android device and connected Linux system.


Fastboot is a command line tool allowing the ability to flash the Android device via USB. By default Android device have debug mode disabled to stop updates occurring in this manner. Its also provided with the Android SDK.

SDK Installation - ADB + Fastboot setup

  • From Android Development SDK download the Linux 64-bit or 32 bit version
  • Create a directory for the SDK in your home folder 
$ mkdir ~/AndroidSDK
  • Extract SDK to new folder
  • Navigate to following sub folder. Note <version> wil be the version you downloaded
$ cd adt-bundle-linux-<version>/sdk/platform-tools/
  • Check the ADB version
$ ./adb version
  • Check fastboot help
$ ./fastboot -h

Bootloader Unlock and Root Access

  • On the Xoom under "Settings -> Developer options" enable USB Debugging mode
  • Download file from Universal Xoom xda page. Note - the main link is no longer valid but post #411 on _that page has the file
  • Connect the Xoom to Linux computer via USB
  • Test Connectivity
$ sudo ./adb devices
* daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 *
* daemon started successfully *
List of devices attached
0299918743aad023    device

  • Reboot Xoom
 $ sudo ./adb reboot bootloader
  • On Xoom boot screen with "Starting Fastboot protocol support" screen
$ sudo ./fastboot oem unlock
  • At text screen, press Volume Down (accept) then Volume Up (confirm)
  • Repeat process to confirm i.e. press Volume Down (accept) then Volume Up (confirm)
  • "Device unlock operation in progress" appears and it will reboot
  • Bootloader is now unlocked
  • Type the following commands
$ sudo ./adb reboot bootloader
$ sudo ./fastboot flash recovery recovery-Tiamat-R4c-100611-1150-cwm.img

  • When flash is complete, reboot Xoom with Volume Up + Power
  • On boot when the Motorolo logo appears, press Volume Down
  • "Android Recovery" appears in the top left corner
  • Press Volume Up to enter recovery mode
  • This mode is called "ClockworkMod recovery". Select to load the "install zip from sdcard" -> "Choose zip from sdcard", then select the downloaded zip file
  • Note : Use Volume Up/Down to navigate + Power to select
  • Reboot and Root access
     will be present :)

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