Sunday, 13 April 2014

Cannot get @ symbol to login to Chromebook

If you are using a Chromebook with a non US default keyboard  language  (e.g. GB in the UK) the first time you login to your Chromebook with your gmail details you may not be able to type the symbol @. Instead of @ the " symbol appears when you press the number 2 which looks like it should show @.

The solution is to

1. Change the default language by on the right hand side of the login screen (next to the clock) select another language (preferable to be a North American one like Canadaian French English or US English).

2. Press alt gr + shift + 2 at the same time and the @ sign will appear

Important : alt gr is not the same as alt. Its located on the right hand side of the space bar

For subsequent logins you only need the password to login but you may need to use @ for other situations.

Alt gr out of interest stands for alternate graphic and is intended to display symbols and characters not normally used within a language.

Hope this helps if you have this issue!

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