Sunday, 13 April 2014

Test drive Firefox OS in your browser!

You can install the mobile Firefox OS simulator to run in your browser which has been made available by Mozilla. The simulator installs as a ~60MB add on which takes a few minutes to install. Its pretty cool to spend some time going through it :)

Enable Simulator

  • Post install select Simulator to be Running
  • After a minute or so the simulator will appear in a separate window

  • Select right on the simulator and you will get some options

  • If you select 'Gallery' you can upload a picture from your desktop 
  • Then change wallpaper which is what I have done in the above screenshot


  • Next its time to try the Marketplace
  • They have Facebook & Twitter but i tried Wikipedia


  • Default is Here maps developed by Nokia

  • Overall nice to get a quick taster of the look and feel of the HTML5 based OS!

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