Sunday, 13 April 2014

Crop Images easily in Linux using GIMP

Its great to have a quick but powerful tool to be able to crop images. On Linux GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a powerful tool but potentially not immediately obvious way to crop images. This post outlines how you can quickly crop your images on Linux Mint or Ubuntu.

  • GIMP should already be installed but you can quickly check from the terminal :
$ sudo apt-get install gimp
  • Browse to the image, right click and select 'Open With -> GIMP Image Editor'

  • The picture will open in the main window and a second 'Toolbox' window to the left will also appear (as highlighted below)

  • If the Toolbox does not appear from the main GIMP window select 'Windows -> New Toolbox'
  • On the Toolbox select the 'Crop Tool' icon as shown  below or press 'Shift + C'

  • Select the area you want to keep then choose a corner of this box e.g. as shown below with the arrow

  • By selecting the corner box this crops the picture 

  • The default save format is GIMP XCF. To save as another format e.g. jpeg select 'File -> Export' and select the relevant format you want.

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