Sunday, 13 April 2014

Draw arrows in GIMP on Linux

Unlike most photo editing software GIMP does not come with draw arrow support by default. This post shows how to get this feature within GIMP and how to use it on Linux Mint & Ubuntu.
  • Close GIMP if its open
  • Go to the GIMP Plugin Registry 
  • Search for 'Draw arrow' + download 'arrow.scm'
  • Copy file from "Downloads" directory to the gimp hidden folder in your home directory
$ cp arrow.scm ~/.gimp-2.8/scripts/

Note : Your GIMP version may vary but will be ~/.gimp-<version>/scripts
  • Open an image in GIMP and under menu 'Tools -> Arrow' will now appear
  • Select 'Colour Tool' and on the bottom of the 'Toolbox' select the colour you would like the arrow to be :

  • Select Paths Tool
  • Next is a bit tricky (until you do it a few times). Select where the arrow head will be, press mouse once and a small square will appear

  • Select where arrow tail will be, press mouse once and a line appears

  • Right click on the line and go to 'Tools-> Arrow'

  • Modify how the arrow is defined in the options (you can play with this until its what your want)

  •  Press OK and the arrow will appear :)

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